Payment Policy

  • The payment policy applies to all companies in the Arla Foods group and all supplier payments.
  • Arla Foods standard payment terms are 60 days.
  • Due date is calculated by applying agreed terms to the latter of valid invoice presented or goods receipt date. All invoices are paid on our calculated due date.
  • If an invoice falls due during a weekend or holiday, the payment transaction is executed on the following business day.
  • E-invoice is the required way of invoice submission to Arla Foods (subject to Arla’s enablement program and its timeline). Requirements and benefits for the Suppliers are available under Frequently Asked Questions in E-invoicing section of this page.
  • Alternatively, until further notice, invoices can be sent to us in PDF (Portable Document Format).
  • We only pay correct invoices.
  • In case of any disagreements concerning content of invoices, full crediting is claimed along with a new corrected invoice.
  • All invoices must be in accordance with our invoice requirements, otherwise the document will not be processed for payment.